Thursday, January 18, 2007

7 ways to improve your pictures!

Pro photographer Bruce Giffen offers seven pointers for improving the pictures you take. And in true Ready, Aim, Click fashion, these suggestions work no matter what type of camera you own:

1. Use a tripod for every picture for a year! (I’ll explain in a future post why shooting from a tripod is a must-do for every, and I mean EVERY photographer!)

2. TURN OFF THE ON-CAMERA FLASH, especially with digital cameras. It ruins the mood of most pictures. The exception would be the occasional fill flash image outdoors.

3. Break the rules! All of them. Forget the “Rule of Thirds”! Stop centering every picture. Slant the horizons. Distort with a wide angle lens. Shake the camera! Experiment!

4. Stop using gimmicks. Simple, straight photographs don’t need any gimmicks!

5. Break Rule 4!

6. Other peoples’ opinions of your work are not valid. Yes, a comment about a technical item may be appropriate, but YOUR composition isn’t negotiable! They are only telling you how THEY would have taken the photo if they were there, which they weren’t. Trust your own heart … Remember - Picasso would probably have flunked art class!

7. You can just document a subject or you can attempt to photograph the way it makes you feel. Take for example the Eiffel Tower. I doubt that there are any ways left to document it. But there are millions of ways to express the way it makes one feel. Go with your heart! Always!



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